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"First In, Last Out"

Well, that was sort of the motto of those of us who served in RVN that were involved in "radio research", which in essence meant the interception of radio signals (traffic) and the analysis of what was transmitted (where it came from, what was said, and who said it). Well, you just had to be there. The "First In" refers to the use of intelligence gathering prior to the entry of a real combat force. The "Last Out" refers to the need for intelligence information up until the day the combat forces are gone. Well, you do not need intelligence information then, so send them home too.

So this web site is just an attempt to say hello to all those who served with the 175th RRFS. I am putting this up for Veterans Day 1996, almost exactly 25 years after I went to Oakland and on to Saigon and then to the 175th RRFS. Our unit strength was possibly 300 people and the 175th probabably only existed for 7, maybe 8 years - so as many as 2000 individuals may have served with the 175th. I could not find a reference to us on the internet, so I put this up just as a rememberance that we were there. I was one of the last Americans to occupy the place. We cleaned out all the hootches, hauled off all the equipment, and burned all the papers during the Fall of 1972. So that was the end of the 175th.

Have a great Veterans' Day guys, I hope you are all doing well in the real world.

And especially to the guys I went over there with: Greg, lower right, and myself, lower left, went to the 175th RRFS. The rest, George, Ray, Bill, and "The Kid" went to the 8th RRFS in Phu Bai (By-eee).

We were possibly the last group of 98B's sent to RVN.

Ft Devens 98B's arrive Long Bin, Dec. 9, 1971
The first sun-up in RVN, 9 Dec 71

Well, I need to say hello to Ramjet, here we are on a "day off". Who was the guy that finished off 108 beers that day?

Brass brings out the beer
Ramjet - left - in chair, Larry was cooking water buffalo with Wick Fowler
and squeezing Vietnamese limes.

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